Sustainable Opportunities

I was talking with an electrician that was sent to wire my lake dock last year when I finally got around to business. I asked him who was going to take his employer’s place when he retires. The company owner had to be in his seventies and serves the southern part of my rural Texas county. The young man, probably around forty, didn’t know who might replace him. Based simply upon what I paid for all of my work, material cost and $35.00 an hour for the employees, the owner netted about a thousand dollars. I started thinking about how many other situations like that exist today. I know of service company owners that have selected and sold to an employee with good results. 2018 is an excellent time for Boomers to sell and those coming up to look for business opportunities that will always be needed. Let’s be honest. There’s a lot of stuff for sale, franchises included, that as my father used to say about my burger habit, are made to sell and not that good for you. I’m at the point in life that I don’t mind upsetting a few franchise owners. If you’re young, ambitious and wanting self employment, remember that the value of benefits from larger company employment will need to be replaced at some point. Buying an existing business that has proven itself to have steady cash flow with an honest seller, service or otherwise, would be my choice. There are very few products or services from franchises today that can’t be offered by an independent business person. The good ones are very expensive and the bad ones, why I’m not sure, can still be financed often with government help. Be aggressive, smart and seek help from those that have more knowledge and no skin in the game. It can take a long time to recover from buying into a bad deal.

Roy Adams
MyBizBroker LLC