You don’t need an advanced degree to know that buying or selling a small business is quite different than real estate. While MyBizBroker LLC can handle your business real estate, the business process is more complex. My only focus for thirty-one years has been representing small business sellers and buyers.

If you own a business it’s probably at least one of your largest investments and if you’re like most, buying one is an investment of money and time. I treat each business engagement that I accept with the large degree of importance it deserves.

I offer consulting only service for business owners that need to plan or consider an exit strategy with the benefit of an experienced business brokers’ overview. It might be that selling or listing for sale isn’t your best option. The time needed for options will vary and often takes more planning, employee changes or a change in your operations to maximize the return on your assets; both tangible and intangible. The best situation for a small business owner is to know what can be achieved if for any reason you should need to move more expeditiously. My fee is hourly and will depend upon distance and complexity. It’s my practice to gain enough information over the telephone and by email to give you an estimate.
Buyers will typically engage me to find opportunities that fit their criteria and often to maintain an arm’s length between them and the owner. A seller has to trust an intermediary to allow enough information for me to know if it’s a good prospect for the buyer. Knowing the local business landscape and being skilled at approaching current owners has enabled me to be very successful for qualified and committed buyers. Generally there is no fee for local business search activities since I will sometimes find an owner that wants to sell even if it’s wrong for one particular buyer. More complex searches and within a wider geographical area will require a negotiated fee.